Garden Village Status awarded in Blaby District

Blaby District Council is one of only 19 local authorities in the country to have been granted Garden Village status by the government for a potential future site.

The Council strongly believes that the responsibility to support existing communities and plan for future growth is something it should be taking the lead on. The announcement follows the Council’s adoption of the brand new Blaby Growth Plan, which sets out six key principles to guide future development in the district. This plan shows a strong continued commitment to pro-active planning, which has already been recognised with three awards at New Lubbesthorpe.

Across the country, local authorities face the challenge of having to provide large numbers of additional homes over coming decades. The Council strongly believes that the best way to do this is through the development of larger-scale sustainable sites which will prevent existing communities losing their sense of identity.

Whetstone Pastures, a proposed development in the south-east of the district, will receive Garden Village status following a submission to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and local Government (MHCLG) last year.

There is no planning permission on the site currently. It will now be formally considered alongside all other sites put forward for consideration as part of the Council’s work on the next Local Plan. None of the sites identified will receive planning permission until they have gone through the proper planning process.
A public consultation on all of the local sites identified as part of work on the new Local Plan will take place later this year.

The granting of Garden Village status secures government funding which enables the Council to take control and ensure a great place to live, work and visit for future generations.

Garden Villages are a government initiative for proposed developments of between 1,500 and 10,000 homes. The status ensures that any site has a mixture of housing and housing types with the aim of creating vibrant, diverse and affordable communities.

Councillor Terry Richardson, Leader of Blaby District Council, said: “The award of this funding is great news and nothing for residents to be concerned about.
“What it does mean is that should planning permission for a garden village be given, we will have had the opportunity to properly plan for it, building on the success of New Lubbesthorpe.

“This government support is recognition that Blaby have shown an ability to deliver well, and will enable us to be on the front foot in shaping any future community, whilst protecting existing towns and villages.”

Updates and information about Whetstone Pastures will be available on the Blaby District Council website.