Top Tips for Dealing with Nuisance Noise

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If you’re experiencing neighbourhood noise, such as loud music, very late parties or DIY at an unsociable hour, there are steps that can be taken to try and resolve the situation without involving the Council.

These five top tips on engaging with a neighbour in a positive way and dealing with the issue can prevent the need for any more action:

1. Assess the situation

Is this a one-off temporary situation or is it happening all the time? Is it affecting you more because you’ve been working from home and are around more to notice it? As distressing as noise issues are, try to be reasonable.

2. Start a conversation

Your neighbour may genuinely not be aware of any issues. Invite your neighbour over to show them what’s affecting you. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, write a note politely asking them to stop the behaviour that is bothering you.

3. Keep a record

Keep a log/diary as evidence of what’s happening. Record the source on your phone in case you do need to report it.

4. Time your response well

Challenging noisy behaviour at 3am isn’t likely to go down well, especially if it’s a house party with alcohol involved. It’s much better to have a quiet word the next day.

5. Move forward

It’s important to remember that if there are any fears a neighbour may become aggressive or violent these steps may need to be avoided, but do keep a log and record the noise if you can.

These steps can help stop our team needing to take action, which could damage your relationship with that neighbour.

Find out more on our Neighbour FAQs page.

25 July 2021