Sue Tomlinson

Born and bred in urban Nottingham. I moved to Leicestershire in 1991 and to Whetstone in 1996 (shortly after the birth of my youngest daughter) I had worked for 19 years with British Gas and was part of immense changes from Nationalisation to Privatisation.  I had, then, 3 wonderful rewarding years as a Mum and a Housewife enjoying the facilities of Whetstone.

In 1999 I was asked if I would help out, answering phones and manning the office for a couple of hours a day whilst the Deputy Clerk of the Parish Council went on Maternity Leave. I said yes, was subsequently asked to stay on, part time to assist with clerical duties – 13 years later and having worked for three different clerks I retired. I knew, however, that if the opportunity arose I would apply to be a Parish Councillor to give back some of my free time and experience and commitment to the Community and residents of Whetstone.