Free parking in Blaby Town Centre

Up to two hours free parking is coming to two car parks in Blaby Town Centre from 9am on Wednesday 24 July

Following the closure of Waitrose and pending news of a replacement business, Blaby District Council is committed to supporting the businesses in the town centre. The Council has worked pro-actively with the businesses to find out what can be done to ensure that Blaby Town Centre succeeds. Offering free two hour parking for the foreseeable future was considered.

As a result of feedback from businesses and listening to residents and the Parish Council, free parking for up to two hours will be available in Johns Court and Enderby Road.

Councillor Terry Richardson, Leader of Blaby District Council, said: “This is great news for the businesses and shoppers of Blaby Town Centre. It also shows that we will listen to the feedback people give us – we want our town centre to thrive.

“The loss of Waitrose was a disappointment to Blaby but the town centre still has plenty going for it. This move will encourage visitors to spend time in Blaby for free and see that there are lots of places to visit, shop, eat and enjoy.”

Tim Cole, Partner at Blaby-based opticians Edmonds and Slatter, said: “We are delighted that Blaby District Council has listened to businesses’ feedback, and the introduction of two hours of free parking in the town centre will help us, especially as we wait for the former Waitrose site to be occupied.

“Our Blaby Today partnership with other businesses and the Parish and District Council, has been focused on discussing and supporting town centre improvements, and we’re looking forward to more progress in the coming months.”

Car park machines will be updated to issue free tickets. Both car parks will continue to be patrolled by enforcement officers who will still issue Penalty Charge Notices to anyone overstaying on their ticket or parking incorrectly. The impact of the changes will be monitored and evaluated and help to inform the Council’s decisions in the future.

Blaby District Council is also finalising plans for other measures to aid the businesses and support continued growth of Blaby Town Centre including marketing and event support. Free WiFi was also installed earlier this year to help shoppers experience, with numbers using this service are increasing weekly.