Village Map

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Whetstone Countryside and Heritage Walk

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Heritage Walks – Route Ten

Heritage Walks – Route Eleven

It is more than likely that Whetstone came into being during the first Millennium. A Saxon group may well have travelled along the Welland valley looking for somewhere suitable to live that was not already occupied. This area would have looked good as there was an ample supply of water from the brook and a rise in the land (where the Parish Church now stands) for protection. The village was well established by the Norman Conquest and is documented in the Domesday Book. The Heritage Walks need not be followed in any particular order and allow the walker to choose between either walking in countryside or exploring the more historic sites in the village or combining a little of both aspects. A lot of the heritage of old Whetstone remains and can be seen whilst enjoying the walks.

Recreation Facilites

Trinity Road Recreation Ground (PDF 1.6Mb)
Trinity Road Recreation Ground is the ideal place to take children to play due to its great variety of play equipment and with its paths and walkways it is also perfect for dog walkers. Trinity Road Recreation Ground is easily accessible from, Trinity Road, East Avenue, High Street and Cemetery Road. The park belongs to Blaby District Council whose job it is to maintain the upkeep of the grass, hedges and bins. The Play equipment is owned by Whetstone Parish Council who ensure it is looked after to the highest standard possible.

Oliver Park (PDF, 1.6 Mb)
Oliver Park can be accessed from Wychwood Road, Badger Drive and Dog & Gun lane. Owned and looked after by Whetstone Parish Council, Oliver Park is fully equipped with play equipment ideal for young children up to the age of 11. Other than the equipment itself, part of the park sits on the flood basin for the brook that runs through, this creates the perfect place for a game of football or just simply to sit outside.

Warwick Road Recreation Ground (PDF, 1.5 Mb)
Warwick Road Recreation Ground can be easily accessed from The Dicken, Warwick Road, Elizabeth Gardens, Whetstone Way and from the back lane off Station Street (via three arches, the old railway line and across the brook). As the owners, it is Whetstone Parish Council’s responsibility to maintain the ground’s upkeep. Warwick Road Recreation Ground is a great open space equipped with swings and a teen shelter, the main attraction of this park however is the beautiful scenery of the brook and trees. The park is hired by football clubs in the Autumn and Winter and by cricket clubs in the Spring and Summer. It is also perfect for dog walkers as they can allow their dogs to run in the park and also have access to the Whetstone Way that links Whetstone and Littlethorpe.

Whetstone Memorial And Amenity Area (PDF, 701 Kb)

Osbourne Court Mural (PDF, 2.2 Mb)